Haunted Library 2019

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Tasks Available

Set Up Crew

Pre-event: Lay down tape to mark the path. Fill boxes with prizes. Test lights, fog machine, and CD players for soundtracks.

Day of Part 1 (3 - 4 PM): Set up decorations in children’s area. Place black tarps on top of book cases to be dropped down later. Hang ghosts. Position lights and fog machine.

Day of Part 2: Pull down tarps. Confirm paths. Turn on lights, turn on fog, final walk through.

Event Crew

Greeter (4:30 - 5:30): Stationed up front to guide participants to the children’s area. Costume encouraged, but festive gear works too.

Costumed Gentle Scare-er (4:30 - 5:30): Stationed in the children’s area to do a standing or sitting gentle scare. No jumping, no blood, just waving and being slightly scary.

Greeters (6-8): Stationed at entrance to control flow of traffic. Warn small children that this is scarier, remind people of flashing lights and fog. Periodically replenish fog. Loop scary soundtrack in adult section.

Costumed Scare-er (6 - 8): Stationed throughout the library. BIG scares, blood, make-up, fake weapons, jumping, shrieking. Bring your scariest self! One scare-er will also loop music in children’s area.

Sign Off (6-8 only) : Stationed at the exit to give prizes to child participants for completing the journey.

Clean Up Crew

Post event: Take down tarps. Pull up tape. Box up most of the decorations.

Thank you for being part of the event!

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